Singida October 2012

We did a lot of this - waiting in line for fuel! For some reason there was no diesel in Singida for sale (there was only a little petrol). Each fuel station was either completely closed or had lines of traffic waiting to see if they would sell any fuel. Oh, by the way, the tanker 2 ahead of me was not delivering fuel, its tank was empty too!

Sister Dorcas from the Singida congregation, with her daughters. We had a very good study with these people on Friday.

Marabou and the moon
These Marabou storks are huge birds and about 20 of them hand out at the Catholic Guest House where I was staying.  Have a look at this link to find out more about them:
We traveled out to Nkalakala village to study with some of Samuel's family. As there was too many people to fit into the house we had our study sitting under a tree. They really appreciated the tracks we left with them

Time for a Photo!

People here LOVE to have their photo taken and when they are able to see the results strength away often hilarity follows. Here is the family gathered in front of their house. (Samuel/s mother is in the purple in the middle and Samuel and his brother are standing right behind her.)

The country side around Nkalakala village. Note the road!

Sunday after services at Malade. For those interested you can see Yohana 4:24 (John 4:24) and "roho na kweli", "spirit and truth". I think my Swahili is improving (a very little)
Samuel Nandi and myself.


Traveling to Western Kenya with Mike Criswell and Delmer Lee
Anne and I heading out

Break for tea
Breakfast in Nairobi

Lunch stop - meet the locals

Mike and Delmer

Delmer working on George's Bike

After church

A great crowd

Keith with the kids
Some of the congregation

Group photo

At George's house with his brother

George baptising bro Mark

The weeds had to be cleared first

After the baptism
Lake Victoria - from the other side (no weeds here)

On the shores of Lake Victoria
On the equator

Lunch break on the way home

Western Kenya

A great couple and wonderful traveling companions

My room at Kisumu Beach Resort

You never know what you will see!

In Nairobi at the Hampton House (Baptist Guest House)

Coffee break in Nairobi

Breakfast in Kisumu

Bro. George and myself

Friends together

Allen and Hossiana over looking the Great Rift Valley

We were standing right on the equator (according to the GPS)

After Bible Study

Lake Victoria

Allen and Hossiana at Lake Victoria

Worship at Muriet

Brother David Msuya's Funeral

Our Trip to Singida in May '12

On Safari
Breakfast at Kimemo Coffee lodge 

On the road and having fun!

relaxing around the fire

Dinner is served!

Some of the elpephants

We got really close to some!

Look at the view!

Arusha National Park

A picnic lunch

Blue capped monkey

Zebra and Cape Buffalo

Dik dik

Who's looking at who

Deep in thought

Giraffes heading home


Our trip to Singida

After a great Bible study

The scene of the accident
After worship


Katie In Africa
Anne and Katie at Karen Blixen's house (author of Out of Africa)

At the Giraffe Centre, Nairobi

You sure can get close!

After church at Nkoaranga

Stopping for tea at the Kangaroo Hotel

Katie, Anne with Msuya and his wife Kristine

Elizabeth and Katie

At Mererani

Sisters together

At Maria's baptism

After the baptism

At the Mererani church building


The new church at Murieti


Maria's Baptism 17th Feb. '12

The congregation gathers for a photo after services

Anne and a sister at Mererani

Elizabeth and friend

Elizabeth and Katie - Elizabeth was baptised later that day

After services
Two Beautiful women

The church building at Mererani
Fred baptising Elizabeth


  1. Keith, I am impressed by your visit to Mererani Church. The photo's are very good and the baptizing was a time of rejoicing. The work is really going well with souls being saved on a regular basis. God bless you and Anne for your good work and sacrifice. Is the young lady Jamie's wife. She is very beautiful. Thank you brother for the report. It causes us in turlock to gain renewed courage and determination to work harder than ever. Clint preached for us on the Lord's day of the 12th. I took him back to the Bart station yesterday. He loves the work in Tanzania and plans to return in April. We certainly welcome him to our family in June. Glenda sends her love along with mine.
    Your brother in Christ.


    1. Thanks for your comments Richard. The young lady is Katie Burns - she is our daughter-in-law's best friend. She is staying her for 3 months as she volunteers at a local school. We are looking forward to seeing Clint in April.

      Thanks brother.