Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday at Ugunja

Things have been very busy here over the last few weeks and as a result I have not written as much as I have wanted about how we are getting on. Let me now go back to our time in Kenya.

I was really looking forward to worshipping with brother George and the brethren at Ugunja. While I had been in that area in June, I had not been able to see many of the brethren.

The congregation there meets at 7.00 am. George told us the reason for this was that the brethren did not want to wait to worship, they wanted to worship God as soon as they could on Sunday morning.

It took us a hour to drive to the church, maybe due to my slow driving, or may be due to the rough roads. But it meant that we were a bit later than we had planned.

This did not seem to be a problem, however. While they were waiting, the brethren were singing songs and praying to the Lord. When we had got there, very quickly they organised themselves and the worship service started.

Even though they only had one song book, the song service went very well - everyone singing from memory. Delmer was then invited to teach us. We were taught very well from James chapter one. The brethren were very interested in the lesson, showing great interest.

Mike was then asked to teach a lesson on the Lord's Supper before officiating over it. I then was asked to teach on the collection. So the brethren got 3 lessons that day - and the looked very happy with it.

Before we left, the brethren wanted to give us some refreshments. So someone went and got some sodas for us. They are some very hospitable people there.

Afterwards brother George invited us to his house where his wife Jacqueline had made some lunch for us. We were able to get to talk to each other more and Jacqueline and Anne became fast friends.

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