Tuesday, January 8, 2013

African Party - Mbise Wedding Part 2

After the service everyone filled outside to greet the young couple and get a breath of fresh air (it had been a long wedding). After a bit it was time to head to the reception. Anne and I did not know what to expect from a Meru reception, but we were ready.

So we both rounded up the people we were taking and headed off. It was not too far, but the roads were pretty rough - Anne did wonderfully well with her 4X4 driving skills. I was very proud of her.

We got to our destination and were directed to the parking spot and then we made our way down to the family compound.

Anne and I were given the honour of accompanying the family into the wedding house (the couple had been given this house) and took part in the prayers and the toasts pronounced.

It was then time for the presents to be given and the food to be served. I don't really know how many people there was there, but I would estimate over 500! And they were all fed.

The first up was males on the father of the brides family. We all lined up and gave our gifts and greeted the couple. Then we were given tickets that would enable us to get our food. I was amongst this number. Next it was the men from the grooms side - then the women from the grooms side and last of all it was the women from the brides side. All this took about 2 hours. After the family was feed all those visiting came. They had a lot of food!
This was the "goat" cake.

We were very impressed with the presents! I already mentioned the house.They also got 3 cows, furniture, appliances galore. They did really well.     . Those who did not have gifts gave money. A lot of money!

We left about 5 o'clock - wanting to get down the mountain before it was dark. Anne once again did wonderfully driving her 4X4!.444

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