Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glen and Reba

We are blessed to have two of the most beloved and respected people we know with us at the moment - Glen and Reba Osburn. We have know them since 1988 - Anne was baptised by Glen and I would not have become an Evangelist without the encouragement of Glen and being able to sit at his feet and learn. Reba is a constant encouragement and a wonderful example of a faithful Christian - we love them to bits.

Since they came last Wednesday night (11.30 pm) we have been busy with studies and seminars, as well as taking a little time for ourselves.
We have visited brethren's homes and had some wonderful studies with small and large groups.

Glen taught at Nkoaranga church on Sunday and everyone was up lifted.

We have been to Arusha National Park and seen some wonderful sites.

Today we had our first seminar - this one at the Makamira church building. Glen taught on Ephesians His wonderful lessons were followed by some great questions by the men gathered.

On Friday we start a 3 day meeting here in Arusha town. We have hired a tent, so it's going to be a "Tent Meeting".  Come back here and see the updates.

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  1. Great that you are all together again. Love you all and the work you do.