Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have been rather remiss in not writing about our wonderful guest, Katie Burns.  Anne and I are so pleased to have her staying with is, she has fit in so well, she feels like the daughter we never had.

Katie is planning on being here in Arusha for 3 months, having arrived about 3 weeks ago.  Anne and I went up to Nairobi on the bus to pick her up from the airport (Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, about  5 hour drive from here). We had to go back up to Nairobi the following week for medical reasons for Anne, Katie came with us then too and we were able to do some sight seeing with her.

We have had so much fun with Katie, she is such a wonderful young person. The brethren here have really enjoyed being with her also, her out-going nature and her love of life is evident to all.

Katie has come to Arusha to volunteer at a local school for disadvantaged kid - The Umoja Centre. Many of the students are former street kids who are now being given a second chance. You can see their web site by clicking on this link.

It is a wonderfully thing that she has done. She has given  up 3 month of her life to move to a foreign country and help people she never knew before. She has left behind family, friends and all the comforts of home, not for herself, but for others. We are very proud of Katie!

Katie has a photo blog that she is putting together, have a look at it here. Go there often to see her GREAT photography and see her adventures.

I have some photos of her on my "Photos" page, so check them out also.


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