Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WANTED - used lap top

If any one has an old laptop sitting around that they are not using, we could certainly use it here in Tanzania.

One of the things I am trying to do is get written material produced and translated into Swahili. To that end I have been writing tracts, getting them translated and then printed. These have proved hugely successful with one brother here at the Philips congregation accepting the gospel after receiving a tract already. We have also received a number of phone calls and enquiries.

Tracts are not viewed here as they are in Australia or the U.S. For instance, I can vividly recall numerous times I have been handing out material only to see them thrown into a bin a few meters away from me.

Here in Tanzania written material is treasured. It is read and then shared. It is passed on to other people. One tract can literally reach out to dozens of people.

To illustrate that, the brother who was baptised after receiving the tract, Fredrick; no one knows where his tract originally came from - who gave it out first of all! All we know is that some how it got into Fredrick's hand, he read it, came to church, studied with us and was baptised.

Why a laptop?
What we need the lap top for is to prepare the translations. We have good people able to translate the material - we need the laptop for them to type it out so it can be prepared for the printer.

We don't want a new one, just one that you are finished with. Is it bruised and battered? No worries, as long as it works (a working battery would be a great as electricity is a problem). I would charge up the computer and lend it to the brother doing the translation and then get it back and get the file ready for the printer.

If you can help, the easiest way to let me know is add a comment at the bottom (btw, I think we can arrange to get it over here OK.)



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