Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seminar (Gospel Meeting)

Last Friday we had a wonderful gospel Meeting (or seminar, as they call it here) at Nkoaranga.

The brethren there had asked me to teach a whole day meeting on the subject of "The Church". I therefore organised the lessons and the brethren organised the rest of the day. The end result was very successful. I was extremely pleased with the preparation that they had been made and how the day played out.

We started the day at about 11.00 am (time here works somewhat differently and the start time was a bit flexible). We had 4 sessions each starting with a prayer and then several songs. The lessons followed and Brother Mbise (the preacher there) organised for different brothers to do the translation. There followed a time when the brothers could ask questions. We finished with some more songs - the brethren at Nkoaranga LOVE singing and are very good singers! A closing prayer finished each session.

I was extremely pleased how well the lessons were received. As I have already stated the theme was "The Church". I taught on the church not being a denomination, true worship in the church, the church being the body and the last lesson was on how to enter the church.

Mbise leading the singing

While the majority of people there were members, we had some visitors. One of these was a young man Mbise and I had studied with a few weeks before. Mbise studied with him several times since then as well. At the close of services Mbise told us all that this young man, Jerimiah Urio, wanted to be baptised that evening.

As Anne was up at Nkoaranga in her car as well, we were able to take 13 other people down to the baptism spot. We had a wonderful time watching this young man being baptised into the body of Christ.

I cannot think of a more wonderful way of ending a great day. To God be the glory.

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