Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday at Muriet - what a day!

Anne had been looking forward to last Sunday for a long time.

Solomon and his wife
We had been asked to go to Muriet, in the southern part of Arusha, for worship. This was going to be the first time we had been with this congregation.

The new church building (you can just see the pulpit)
This work was started by a brother, Solomon, from the Philips congregation in Arusha. Solomon is a Maasai man and he went to this village to visit his relatives and told them about the Lord's church. Because of his sharing of the gospel a small church has been started. Solomon and his family have been traveling there each Sunday for worship and last Sunday that had wanted us to come and help them.

Solomon had rented a partially finished house for the church to meet in, they had been meeting there for some weeks. Unfortunately the situation of the owner changed just last week so he had to "swap" houses. The church needed to move out of his new house and move into his old house the other side of the village.

When we arrived on Sunday we were told they had expected many more people, but they had not been able to contact them to tell them about the change of meeting place. We started with about 10 people (including the land lord) which was very good considering.

Solomon told me that they had song books but the man who had looked after them had disappears, so he had photo copied some pages from a song book and they used those. I really appreciate the attitude of this man.

We had a very good song service and by the time I got up to preach we had a full building!  I taught on the difference between the Lord's church and denominations - and how to enter His church and be saved. While Solomon had been preaching for a number of weeks and he has had good numbers present, he has not been able to convert any yet.

Well, we had a very nice service and everybody seemed happy with the new location for worship. We had just said goodbye, Anne and I had loaded Solomon's kids into the car to take them home (they live near us), and I was backing the truck out.

It was then the wheels fell off - literally! The left ball joint gave out and the car was resting on the ground. It was very fortunate that it happened then, I hate to think what it would have been like at highway speeds.

We had to leave the truck overnight - the landlord said he would guard it for us, and today (Monday) I went back with my mechanic to get it fixed.

Please pray for this new work.

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