Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Wonderful Day Doing the Lord's Work in Mbeya

There are days here in this work that are just down right frunstrating. There are other days that you say, "Yes, that was a good day." And still other days when you say - "What a fantastic day!"

Monday was a fantastic day! The Lord blessed us richly. We had arranged to to meet up to do some house to house studies at 11.00 a.m. and so I headed out from the Karibuni Centre is good time. It only took about 10 minutes to drive to Bro. Samuel's house and we were ready for work. Bro. Samuel was not there, he had a call from some other brethren, but he left me in the able hands of Brother Larent and Brother Isaiah. We were going to study with a man from the Moravian church.

We had a very good study there on the One Church. This man was a good student of the Bible and he told us he could really see what the Bible was saying and that Jesus did build only one church. The denominations came later. He told us he would have to think on these things and welcomed us back.

We then had some studies on the road side. The brothers with me were handing out tracts and talking to people. This lead to several other studies.

After a nice lunch that Bro. Samuel's wife had left for us we headed out again, this time with Bro. Samuel (having finished his work with the other brothers). We were to study with 2 men whom Samuel had been studying with before. They had studied about baptism and now they wanted to study about the church.  We studied about the church being the Body and Christ being the head. Again we had a good study and after these men heard that we are baptised into the one body (1 Cor 12:13) they wanted to think about things for a while. I was about to leave, but they then said they NEEDED to be baptised.

So it was off to the river. Samuel baptised both of these new brothers and we praised God together.

Please pray for these young brothers.

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