Thursday, August 30, 2012

To Nairobi

Anne an I left early this morning to travel to Nairobi to meet Delmer Lee and Mike Criswell. These good brothers are going to be with us for the next 3 weeks.

We had a great trip and made good time until we hit Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Even there the traffic was not too bad, but we had to head off the highway to get some bibles at the Bible Society. It took us about an hour and a half in stopped trafic to make it about 1 km. It would have been much easier to walk. But we made it, got the Bibles and made it out of the city centre.

Note the guy sitting in the lounge chair while waiting in traffic.

A little lunch and we felt a bit better. But still Anne collapsed on the bed at Hampton House Guest House for a sleep for 3 hours!

We are now waiting for out take away to be delivered (nothing like this happens in Arusha).

I will keep you in the loop if I have wifi.


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