Thursday, October 18, 2012

Serengeti Safari Part 2

On of the aspects of traveling in Africa is that you are never alone. Not matter where you stop, even in the middle of a very dry flat plain, someone will come up to you and this time we were not to be disappointed. 

While we were stopped in the middle of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to fix the radiator, a little Maasia boy came up and kept asking me for some water. To be honest, I was not sure that I had enough water for us and the truck, so I put him off while I worked. But once the radiator was full and not leaking I gave him a small bottle of water. As soon as he got this he started asking for food (he did not drink the water, so he couldn't have been too thirsty). I am sure that if we had given him food he would have had more demands. 

  So on we went. I was a bit worried, we had a long way to go still, but it should have been ok. However, when I checked again under the bonnet, we then had a BAD leak. I was able to stem the flow with a pair of pliers, and I guess we still had enough "stop Leak" in the radiator to do its job and we once again the radiator was holding water.

I had to make a tough decision though, and I decided that it was best to turn back. Things were going wrong with the truck and I was not comfortable carrying on. We had a LONG way to go still and we then had to return on the same road. So we turned around, feeling a bit defeated.

Everything behaved itself on the way back to the gate. We stopped at a few of the view points and enjoyed the wonderful views. We made it back to Arusha without any further mishaps, which was great.
Ngorongoro Crater

We did stop to get some fresh bananas from Charles' children and to get him some charcoal.

While we did not achieve what we set out to do, it still was a good trip and we are planning on doing it another time soon and this time getting there.

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