Monday, October 29, 2012

The road home to Arusha

So, the trip to Singida was quite a success. I was very happy to be able to spend time with the brethren there and Samuel and I had lots of studies. We studied with some of the members in Singida town, we studied with the members in Malade village and we studied with several non-members. 

On of these was an older man who claimed to have started the Pentecostal church in Malade. After two days of studies he said he, and his congregation, wanted to worship with us. Well on Sunday, it seemed that he did not have as much sway with his members as  he thought. He worshipped with us and told me he really liked it. 

We also went out to visit some if Samuel's family about 60 kms from Malade. We had a very good study with them and they have invited us back any time. I think we could have a little congregation there soon. 

Well better get going, I stopped at a little restaurant on the way back to Arusha for a coke. 

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