Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kenya - From the Camunya Hotel

I am writing this from the Camunya hotel in Ugunja, Kenya. I traveled here over the last couple of days to assist brother George Odhiambo in his work here in Western Kenya. We plan to meet with and study with numerous people over the next 2 weeks or so.

Kenya and Tanzania are both part of the East African Union (a grouping of 5 nations that is modeled on the European Union). However the unity has not yet come, so the border crossing as I moved north into Kenya was still bothersome and slow.They are moving to improve things, but like other places in Africa, this process can cause absolute confusion. They have knocked down the border post on the Tanzanian side and without any signage it was very difficult to find the temporary building. I also had to get a temporary import permit for the truck, which was not difficult, but slow.

I made it through ok though and made it into the capital city of Nairobi just before peak traffic. The pre-jam was bad enough and I know how bad it can get. I stayed overnight in the Mennonite Guest House. One of many such guest houses that are over here to accommodate missionaries. I met a pentecostal group from Pensilvania who were over for a conference. There was also a large Canadian group staying too.

I left early in the morning and made it our of the city without any problems. I didn't have to go through the city center again, so the traffic wasn't too bad. The rainy season is in Kenya so I had rain most of the way. While it was a long trip and there were a lot of bad road, road works and "deviations" to overcome. With all that I still made it to Ugunja before dark.

The hotel I normally stay in is fully booked so Bro. George booked me into this hotel. Not quite as nice, but comfortable enough for me. I am sitting in the dinning "tent" writing this awaiting the arrival of George so we can plan this visit more.

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