Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mbita, Kenya

My trip to Western Kenya has been going extremely well. We have meet so far with seven different congregations and have had many studies.
The church building at Uradi

At Uradi. We had a very good meeting here. Before we started they insisted that we have some "breakfast" (tea with bead). We then gathered together and studied the word of God. The subject was " the foundation of the church.

After our study

The next day we went to two congregations near each other. First we went to Ulwan, where we met with the brethren (and they gave us breakfast). We then went to Kabura church where we had an out door meeting.

At the Uranga church building

On some days we have meet with several congregations. On other days we have spent the whole day in one place studying. Yesterday we meet with the brethren near Kisii and after we had studied all day two women made it known that they needed to be baptized. The whole congregations walked down the hill from the church building and they were baptized there.
The church at Kisii. The man in the front (in the light green shirt) is Mark Masese who had been studying with Paul Nichols over the internet. He was baptised in August and went home to convert the brethren he was worship with. This was the first time we we able to be with them. We studied for 1 and a half days had had a wonderful time with the.

One of the two sisters who were baptised

This is Mark Masese's wife being baptised.

This is a very young church and everyone was filled with great joy as they watched these two sisters added to the church.

Today we traveled to Lake Victoria and I am writing this sitting on the lake shore. We had a very good study this afternoon and tomorrow we are planning on two with different congregations.
With my co-workers, George and Vincent on Lake Victoria

The congregation on Msinga Island

These are the brethren that meet at Mbita, on the shores of Lake Victoria. They meet in a rented building that is used as a school through the week

Inside the building at Mbita

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