Monday, July 23, 2012

A Quick trip to Singida

Anne and I have just returned from a very good little trip to Singida.

I was looking at my increasingly busy schedule and realised that if I didn't go and visit the brethren in Singida soon, it would be a couple of months before I would be free to. Therefore we decided to make a quick trip this last weekend.
Samuel, the young man who started the work there, decided to move into the town as he saw the village congregation had members that were better able to keep it going. The congregation in town was really struggling. He together with another brother, Edward, have rented a house in which to live and hold services in. This house is not complete - it has walls, roof and bars on the windows. These young men have put doors on it and made a good place for the church to meet.

Anne and I were so happy to worship with the brethren on Sunday, there was only a small group meeting, but the worship was from the heart and scripturally correct. I taught the lesson, my subject was the Gospel and how to obey it. In the lesson we went to Acts 8 and studied about the Ethiopian Eunuch, how he obeyed the gospel and how he was the first African Christian.

We had to leave right after services to get back to Arusha before dark - you really don't want to drive in Africa in the dark! On the way we saw a young man we had seen in Singida, he was riding a bicycle and hitch hiking. We stopped and gave him a lift. Hi name was Michael and he was from Poland. He told us that he had been riding for the last 9 weeks all around East Africa. We gave him a lift into Arusha and found the Catholic Mission he was looking for to stay at. You never know who you will meet here.
Anne with our new friend, Michael

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