Thursday, July 5, 2012

Western Kenya Part 2

We had been told by George we only had 100kms to go (60 miles), but when we saw the state of the road, were so thankful we did not try to drive it in the dark. The pot holes were so big and so many! Most of the time I had to stop the truck and gently roll it down into the hole and ease it out the other side. George told us it was the over-loaded trucks that come from Uganda that cause all the problems.
You never know what you will see!
 Eventually we made it to the village of Ugunja where we met with brother George. He was a very kind man and was worried about us and our long journey. The first thing he wanted to do was get us settled into our hotel. It was a little ways out of town, but very comfortable. A definite step up from the “Resort” of the night before.

We then headed out to George’s house to meet his wife and the rest of his family. George’s wife, Jacqueline, had made us a wonderful lunch and we felt very much at home. We were then able to talk at length with George about the work in that area and how we could help. I was so thankful that Allen was there, as he was able to bring up so many things that were relevant. Hossiana and Jacqueline made a very firm friendship and were sitting under a tree in deep conversation all this time.
Myself and George

Here we are with some of George's family
We arranged to meet the following day for a Bible study, and so late in the afternoon we made our way to the hotel.

The study was to be at about noon. And so we headed into the village, met up with George and went to a little house behind a shop, where the study was to take place. We studied three men, brothers, who came from a Catholic back ground. We were able to study in English, but when it came to reading the Bible, they wanted it first from the King James Versions (“easier than my NASB”??), then in Swahili and finally in Luow, their local dialect. It was a great study – we looked at the Ethiopian Eunuch, with many questions. These three brothers will soon be converted I believe.
After the Bible Study
Our time with George was just about over. He came to the hotel the following morning and had breakfast with us. We agreed that it would be a good thing to work together and make ties between the Tanzanian work and the Kenyan work. We then started out long drive back to Arusha.

I decided early that we would stop in Nairobi and I made bookings at Hampton House (not a plush hotel of the same name, but the Baptist Guest House). We had a long and tiering drive there, and this time we made a point of stopping as we crossed the equator – my GPS telling us the official marker was about 20 meters off!
Standing right on the Equator (with George's son, Ken)
Hossiana and Allen at Hampton House
After a restful night in Nairobi we headed home to Arusha, arriving about 1.30 pm, tired, but very satisfied with our journey.


  1. Thank you for writing this blog. It is so interesting. Love the pictures also.
    Tonight is the first night of our Odell Congregation Gospel meeting. My sister and I are picking up Don McCord (the preacher) at the airport.
    He is a wonderful man that preached at my Grandmother's, Aunt's and my Dad's funeral.

  2. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful meeting with Bro. Don.

  3. I love the blog and the photos.
    Don Davis

    1. Keith, The blog is good and the photo's are also good. It gives us a veiw and oversight about the work in Kenya. I pray for it and you along with the brethren. We do appreciate you for the sacrifice you make for the Cause of Christ. "He that winneth souls is wise". God bless you and yours !

      Richard DeGough

    2. Thanks for your kind words Richard. The Lord is kind to us.