Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What a Wonderful Day!

We had a great day today.

We have a regular study on leadership issues and this week we all meet at the church building at the village of Makamira.
The Makamira church building

It was a good study, we were studying on Worshipping in Song and there followed a good discussion with a number of questions coming from experience and enquires that the brothers had had regarding singing in worship and the use of instruments.

When we had finished I was told that a elderly man who was there, whom I had not met before, wanted to be baptised. So after we had finished we all climbed into the truck and headed down to the river for his baptism.

Rising out of the waters of baptism

After the baptism

With Jonah and Wilson in the background

Our new Brother, Jonah

What a wonderful day it was!
With Noah Msuya's children, Anna and Adoph.

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