Thursday, May 24, 2012


Life is full of contrasts.

Just yesterday I was pulling my hair out wondering what to do.  One of our security guards had washed the truck and used a stick to remove the “hard parts” leaving deep scratches all over the paint work and windscreen. I was pretty mad and spent several hours trying to polish the scratches out.

Then we went to services in the evening. A young man was there whom we had never met before. Allen Mkita and Wilson Maturo had been studying with him through the day. They had asked him to come to services with them – he was worried about coming in his old clothes. The brothers assured him that is did not matter, come anyway.

Even though Maturo was due to teach, they asked me to teach on entering the church and what it is to be a member of the Lord’s church.  I taught a lesson based on 3 scriptures, John 3:1-5, Mark 16:16 and Matthew 28:19-20.

At the end of the service it was announced that this young man, Shelinde Bahati, (bahati means lucky in Swahili), wanted to be baptised. Of course everyone was very happy and we all headed down to the river. Our Wednesday evening crowd is never very big, so fortunately everyone was able to fit into the truck.

We had a very nice baptism there and we spoke many words and prayed together. What a wonderful thing it is to witness a new birth.

Please pray for our newest brother, Bahati.

You know, the scratches on the truck really don’t seem such a big deal now


  1. Congratulations brother Shelinde Bahati all the angels are rejoicing at your baptism!

    1. Thanks Nicole, I will pass you well wishes on to Shelinde