Monday, May 7, 2012

Porch Studies

While Mike and Clint were here we had numerous studies with individuals. These studies we conducted in people's houses; the preachers arranged for us to visit some people to study with them.

We also had impromptu studies to which Clint coined the phrase, "Porch Studies".

The first of these session was held at Sombertini, a section of Arusha town, to the west. The preacher there, Dominic Owaga organized us to come there. He also asked Allen Mkita to come also, that way we had two translators and we could have two studies going at one time.

When we got there we also met with Alex, a young man Dominic had been studying with for a whole. The studies all went very well, with Mike and Clint teaching very clearly. There were a number of questions following each study that showed the level of interest.

We all met up after the last study and were getting into the truck when an old man, sitting on the porch we were parked next to, asked Clint a question. This led to a lively study in which many questions in a variety of topics were asked. Clint did a wonderful job as our speaker and proved more than capable of answering questions without notice.

Once we had got into the truck and were getting ready to head of, our your friend who had been with us thought out the day told us he wanted to be baptised and could we baptise him right away. Of course we were very happy to help and we headed right down to a small stream and our brother Alex was added into the Lord's church.

Alex, after his baptism

After the baptism

Simon at his stall
Another of the "Porch studies" happened in the area around the Philips church building. Allen Mkita was our translator for the day and he had arranged for us to study with a young man, Simon, who sells vegetables at a street corner near the church building. Even though he had work to do and we had to interrupt the study several times, Simon remained focused and asked some very good questions.

We then headed off down the street and Allen met another man, gave him a tract and asked if he wanted to study. Yes, he did want to study, but he wanted for us to sit under a tree first. We followed him and settled down and proceeded to have another study. Before long two young men came along and joined us. The study went along very well with the two young men showing that they were good students of the Bible.

After a while the first man said he had to go, he got onto a 3 wheel motor-cycle truck, leaving the two young men. We found out these two men were called Mark John and Joseph. They continued to have questions and after a while Mark John said he had to be baptised. After more study Joseph said he wanted to also.

Joseph after his baptism

Mark John about to be baptised

After the baptism
We headed down to the river and Allen baptised our two new brother.

Both of these men live close to the Philips church building and continue to be interested in learning form God's word.

What a blessing we have, being able to conduct these "Porch Studies".

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