Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest House - Singida

I am writing this on Friday night as I lie in bed with a mosquito net with more holes than good bits. I am staying at the Catholic Guest House in Singida, having come here today to assist the church.
My traveling companion for this is Mbise. He is really good company and I enjoy spending time with him. Singida is a 6 hour drive south west of Arusha, today we had a really good trip. They have been working on the road and each time we come it gets better.
Getting back to my current situation. On previous visits we have stayed at the Hill View Motel and been thoroughly underwhelmed by the service there. This time we thought we would try out the Catholic guest house.
When we arrived we were straight away shown the top of the range rooms - these, we were told cost Tzh 30,000. That was too much so I asked to see the other ones. "Sorry", I was told, the Tzh 15,000 were all full, but the nice ones were available! I then asked to see the other rooms, knowing they came cheaper. We were shown the single rooms and I said yes right away. So that is how I come to be writing this under a holy mozzie net. (oh, by the way, these rooms cost Tzh 10,000 - about $8!)
We went out to visit Samuel's family this afternoon (Samuel is the one who started the work here). We had a nice visit and we arranged to have a Bible Study tomorrow, Saturday, and worship together on Sunday.
Please pray for this work as it is avert new one. I will try and post some more during this visit.
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