Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday in Singida

What a wonderful day we had here in Singida. I woke up early this morning and after a light breakfast I was able to go for a walk around the town before Mbise was up and about.

We were waiting on Samuel coming to town from the village. He had people he wanted to take to services and he wanted them to come in the truck with us. About 9.00 am he called us to meet him and we headed off with some of his young relatives.

The church in Milada village, Singida, meets in the local school. They are able to use one of the school rooms there and it works out just about perfectly.

As is often the case, the brethren arrived late and then can in dribs and drabs. But we had a good service. There was a young man there who told us he wanted to be baptised, so baptism was the subject of my lesson. I was very pleased by the way all were taking part in the worship. Everyone was very engaged and the singing was very good for a small group.

After services we all headed down to the river for Edward's baptism.

Everyone was so pleased to see a new brother born again into the the body of Christ. Edward is a very good young man and I am sure he will be a great assets the the church.

After the baptism we all headed back to Samuel's mother's house where she feed us a very nice meal of rice, meat, beans a and green. No one was left hungry!

We then went to visit Samuel's relatives.

His aunt is a very sweet lady who just had the cutest baby. If you notice her house - this is a feature of the area. They cover the roof with soil and some how that keeps the rain out.

As I mentioned before, we are staying at the Catholic Guest House. It is a good price, the rooms are clean, but to be honest, how to get food is a mystery! Mbise and I went to the Kafateria to get dinner tonight and was told there was no food! Previously we have just had things heated up in a microwave, or had to wait a long time. But tonight was the best - no food! Mbise asked the girl, next time, how do we get food. He still does not know.

Anyway the girl told us to go the the Pasafi Cafe (Pasafi means - clean in here). There we were told ..."no food!". We were then directed to the "Appointment Cafe" I thought the name didn't sound promising, we certainly didn't have an appointment.

Anyway we got there and I just ordered chips, they asked me if I wanted chips and eggs, I went with that. We chose not to sit in the bar area, but rather on the sidewalk. To say it was very Parisian would be just plain ridiculous. The Coke chairs and the wobbly table destroyed any French comparisons.

So finally the food arrived.

It turned out to me more of a frittata than I expected, but is was VERY good. So at least we know we don't have to starve next time we come to Singida. Oh, by the way. Do you see the tooth picks in the photo, those were our eating instruments, no knives or forks!

I had better finish this post, you will be getting tired of reading and my thumbs are getting tried from typing on my iPhone. We are heading home to Arusha tomorrow so please pray for us.

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